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bean to bar

The movement  "Bean to Bar" is based on the careful processing of cocoa. Taking care of all the steps in microlots until obtaining the chocolate bar and maintaining a direct and close relationship with the producers.

We use cocoa from small producers who care about your  production and can deliver very high quality fermented cocoa. We are interested in having a close and direct relationship with the producer. So we strive to visit them and learn about their plantations and their ways of doing post-harvest work.


We know the work involved in being able to produce excellent quality cocoa so we buy at fair prices and we work with it with the respect and care it deserves to be able to have very high quality chocolates.

Hacienda Napaná

Region: Pichucalco

State: Chiapas

Cocoa: Trinitario  / White Almond

Finca La Rioja

Region: Soconusco

State: Chiapas

Cocoa: Trinitario / Pearl White

Hacienda Jesus Maria

Region: Comalcalco

State: Tabasco

Cocoa: Trinitario / White Almond

Finca Las Delias

Region: Comalcalco

State: Tabasco

Cocoa: Criollo Almond White

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